We work both our outer and inner body through neuromuscular posture conditioning, mindful yoga practices, and self-inquiring meditation.


My goal is to help you live pain-free, strong, and at ease within your body and mind, by guiding you through the process of awareness, intention, and movement.  This is AIM. Awareness is the first step to finding your roots. Observing and sensing brings you to the “now” moment for valuable education and self-realizations. It can also be viewed as assessment and taking inventory. Intention gives purpose to your awareness, fueling direction and sets forth a clear path. Movement puts your intentions into action so that you can integrate this new information into your daily living, rooting the posture of your body and mind from within. Movement is action.

PostureRooted practice guides you to a balanced state through body posture conditioning and physical exercises, mind-body movement, breath and meditation, and education on how to integrate the tools of yoga into a lifelong practice. Some benefits individuals experience by becoming posture-rooted:

relief from chronic postural pain

greater overall joint mobility

Greater muscle tone and strength

Better Sport performance

Less fatigue, more energy

improved self-confidence

Lift from anxiety and/or depression

New excitement for the future

AIM to get posture-rooted.

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