The human body is a peaceful warrior, showing up diligently to provide for the body’s needs to keep a balanced state of peace – if we allow it.


Dynamic Posture Education

The human body has 206 bones (we start with 270 at birth), at least 650 muscles, and 11 complex functioning systems that integrate with each other. No one body part functions alone, and no one function happens in isolation. The cells, bones, muscles, tendons, fascia, and systems are all interconnected.

It makes sense that one chronic dysfunction could lead to another dysfunction, and another, until the body becomes stuck in a repeated cycle of protective responses like inflammation, swelling, pain, fatigue and even emotional responses such as becoming guarded, angry, anxious, or depressed. However, since the workings of our body and being are interconnected it also makes sense that one improved function could lead to other improvements, to create a chain reaction of healing. The human body is a peaceful warrior, showing up diligently to provide for the body’s needs to keep a balanced state of peace – if we allow it.

The general state of posture today favors constant unnecessary tension, postural flexion, and stress. Our lifestyle demands sitting in chairs all day, hunching over our technology, performing repetitive motions in our jobs, and fueling poor posture even in our fitness routines as we overstretch muscle joints and crunch ferociously for 6-pack abs. This results in posture that has lost its natural curves. Without the natural curves of our cervical and lumbar spine, the body compensates by demanding muscles to work harder and perform jobs for which they were not primarily intended.

Poor posture can eventually cause less than optimal amounts of oxygen to the brain, organ dysfunction, struggling body systems, and exhaustion, which all become overwhelming. The body and mind is in a state of crisis without reprieve. When your body is exhausted from the physical exhaustion of simply holding your head up all day, there is no room for peace of mind, much less energy for joy.

This is where getting posture-rooted comes in. Returning to our natural state of physical posture can start a chain reaction of healing to relieve the body of its burden. 

The dynamic posture education and brain-body balancing work we do together gets to the very center of our body’s system, by strengthening our diaphragmatic breathing and engaging dormant core muscles including the deep psoas muscles, through intentional, focused resistance and movement. By working on our breath and core body, we can bring our physical and emotional posture back to center, releasing long-held tensions, reconnecting the dots of our physical function, and opening the door to vast healing.


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When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
— John Muir