Goal Oriented Programs Deliver Results


private one-on-one


An express program of concentrated effort over a 3-day period to break free from postural habits weighing you down and ignite an enduring mind+body practice that lifts you up. Limited spots.

Small Group

Posture Makeover GROUP PROGRAM

A transformative to 6-week program for postural pain and stress relief. Create a group or join a group while receiving personalized support.

private one-on-one

posture tune up

A 3-day tune-up series for returning individuals to reset or advance your physical and mental posture practice whatever stage you are at the moment. Life-long benefits that bring more joy.

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Stress Management Program for Businesses


Kick Start, Supplement or Keynote your program

  • On-site group classes

  • Experiential and educational workshops and lunch and learns

  • 6-week challenges

  • Private yoga coaching for back pain, stress management, and wellness

  • Other creative ways based on company abilities and goals

Setting Up For Success

  • Identify dominant risk factors

  • Establish a baseline and set goals

  • Commit to a strategic plan

  • Incent and motivate

  • Obtain regular feedback

  • Adjust as needed based on feedback and change

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Let's discuss customizing your workplace wellness efforts based on your company size, needs, goals and budget.