We can quiet the chatter in our mind and find a calm focus to carry us throughout our days. We become rooted to our true self and our connections with others become richer.


A balanced and grounded state of Mind

Our body is brilliantly engineered. It is an amazing collection of eco systems that function seamlessly to self regulate, protect, and heal and it is all controlled by the most complex organ of the human body, the brain. Weighing in at around 3 pounds with 100 billion neurons, the brain sends nerve signals at warp speed to instruct every function of the body including movement, memory, pain, joy. This body of ours is an organic vessel for human living at its fullest. Yet so many of us struggle at different levels.

Struggle and stress often result from a habitual disconnect between function and form, supply and demand, expectations and reality. These habitual thoughts and behaviors are reinforced through the neurological patterns in our brain. This means the more we engage a particular thought, behavior, or even physical movement, the more prevailing and dominant it becomes.  This is why it can be so difficult to change emotionally negative self talk or physically dysfunctional posture and movement, especially if you are unaware of it to begin with.

Stress is part of daily life (muscle soreness from a workout, a neck kink from sleeping funny, hustling at work to meet deadlines, paying bills, raising good children, dealing with self doubt, resolving relationship challenges, caring for aging parents, juggling all of the above at once and more).  It challenges us to learn new things and rise to occasions. However when stress becomes chronically present and we are not able to deal with them – whether our physical body cannot stabilize or our mind is unable to emotionally process – we can feel overwhelmed and paralyzed.

While working on the condition of our physical body, we are also working on the function of our brain which affects our emotional state. In turn, our mind and emotions also affect our physical body. They are entwined. A full breath of oxygen into the body will feed the brain a surge of energy and you may stand taller with eyes more alert and an attitude that is more positive. This is one breath. We take this breath, rebalance and strengthen its natural function with brain-body exercise and movement and bring the body to an improved state of self regulation. This provides an ideal environment for deeper discovery and work on our inner emotional body.

Through mindful movement, breath practice, and meditation we can quiet the chatter in our mind, and find a calm focus to carry us throughout our days. By taking pause to reflect and sit with self, we create space to observe our emotional states, understand ourselves better, and perhaps unravel any protective layers and unrealistic filters through which we have come to see the world. We become rooted to our true self and our connections with others become richer.

The teachings of the yoga sutra provide a simply genius blueprint to living a happy and meaningful life. Yoga practice involves study and reflection of these teachings which include posture, breath, energy, mind, emotions, a way of living and ultimately, a dynamically balanced and grounded state of mind – a yoga state of mind.

What is the posture of your mind? Are your emotions keeping you stuck in a protective hunch? Do unresolved wounds hinder your spirit with shallow breaths? Does fear and uncertainty keep your vision gazing down to the past instead of the path of success ahead of you?


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The quieter you become, the more you can hear.
— Ram Dass