Jeannie S. Lee

Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-500

Certified Yogalign Instructor

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Functional yoga coach and posturologist focusing on stress management and chronic pain relief for individuals and businesses.

Deepening my yoga practice after taking pause from my corporate career, I found new energy, greater balance, relief from my body pains and digestive issues, but most importantly, deeper awareness. It was during this time that yoga became more personal for me.

Yoga made me more self aware and allowed me to discover other facets of myself buried deep beneath the surface. Yoga taught me how it feels to pause and have breathe flow completely through me again. Once my initial yoga studies opened up this new world for me, I started to explore different types of mind and body knowledge, from meditation, breathing techniques, nutrition and essential oils to strength and conditioning, posture ergonomics, and brain-body calibration. I am no guru and certainly not an expert in all of these practices. I also know there is no silver bullet cure all for everything. But I do know that you have to start somewhere to get going on your path. Search, explore, discover, and try. You’ll find something that resonates and gives you a way in to new discoveries about yourself, to breaking toxic habitual cycles, and creating healthy ones.

I have a special interest in workplace wellness and helping hard-working professionals but am passionate about helping to bring transformation for anyone who is open and willing to put in the work for themselves.


About PostureRooted Services

Private Sessions for individuals are programmed based on the unique needs of the individual and may include posture conditioning, mindful movement yoga, breath centering, meditation, restorative methods, and lifestyle coaching. Based on needs and goals, emphasis may be placed on some more than others. We work together and assess as you evolve.

Group Classes classes are provided in small group settings that may support specific conditions or goals such as healthy back, diabetes, weight loss, heart health, or restorative stress relief. They include a unique blend and mix of functional strength, dynamic posture reeducation, mindful movement, and active rest to help you become posture-rooted. 

Workplace Wellness Programs are implemented to include a strategic mix of techniques  and formats to reduce stress, increase focused energy and address the whole person living with modern day challenges to which we rise and thrive.

The physical poses and breath meet you wherever you are versus putting yourself into a picture perfect pose that does not serve you and relaxation and meditation tools vary by need. While these all can be modified to make it more or less challenging for those that need it, this work is safe and effective and anyone can do it. 

Jeannie received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Brynn Rybacek of True Flow Yoga in Newport Beach, California and completed a 300-hour Yoga Therapy Rx program lead by Larry Payne at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, specializing in therapeutic yoga and conditions such as stress, chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. Furthering her studies with Michaelle Edwards at the Kaua'i Yoga School, she is also a certified YogAlign instructor and takes joy in teaching individuals how to rediscover their natural posture through a dynamic breath-centered approach to neuromuscular movement and self healing. She holds certificates from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach and from the Irvine Valley College kinesiology program as a Fitness Specialist.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
— Aristotle